New Moon - new beginnings, reflection and setting intentions

New moon is when the moon is waxing. It is always in the same sign as the sun sign, in each zodiacal period.

The new moon carries the energy of creating new and marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. It brings with it the feeling of renewal. This makes new moons feel like an especially ideal time for self-reflection, course correction and goal setting. During the new moon it is not as bright as during the full moon, so the energy for good sleep, going into yourself and thinking about your goals and intentions is good to do this time. Read instructions further down.

The new moon carries the energy of a certain astrological sign. The sign the moon is in when new. If you are about to start a new project, you can sync it with the star sign that carries the energy of your new project. For example, if you want to start a new company in the healthcare sector, a new moon in Virgo can be a good fit. When the moon six months later is full moon in the sign of Virgo, you have another opportunity with extra energy for your project. You can plan accordingly. If you want to start something creative and outstanding, a start in the energy of the lion is perfect. In six months, it will stand on its own two feet and be out in the world. You can take help of the moon in your planning.

All zodiac signs have crystals and stones that boost their energies. If you want to give yourself an energy bath, healing or just carry with you the crystals that suit each sign, you can read more on our pages about the crystals for each zodiac sign.

So the new moon is the special day in the lunar cycle that is suitable to look at one's goals and intentions. Maybe you are one of the many who say "I don't know what I want or what my intentions are" or "I enjoy taking life as it comes". It does not conflict with becoming aware of what is important to you. Clarity gives power. Taking it day by day but still knowing where you are going is ideal. When you tell the universe what you want, clearly, simply and clearly, the universe will begin to show you different options that lead to it. Then you need to be awake in the moment and get on the train but also jump off it when necessary to take the next step.

Setting goals is not the same as picking out your most important intention or what you want in life. Goals are small or large steps on the way to the realization of one's intention.

There are many different ways to bring out what you want and what is important to you. One way is to use "The passion test". We have been inspired by the Passion test and have done something similar with crystals and stones. If you use the crystals, you can bring out intentions and desires that may be unconscious of you. You can also get a different priority on what is important when you let your inner self be expressed by using the crystals.

The passion test with crystals

Do this:

You need to have at least 22 different crystals and stones at home. An easy way to get it home plus the little book about the energies of the crystals is to order our "Crystal Oracle" .

Place the crystals on the table or floor in front of you.

Sit down, close your eyes and relax. Let the thoughts dance or float around in your head. They go either here or there. Let it happen while you feel your body. Take a few slow, deep breaths.

Open your eyes and choose a stone based on what you feel. Then continue and select four more stones. Be sure to select one at a time. It is best that when you have chosen a stone, close your eyes and go inside yourself again, relax and open your eyes and choose the next stone. Do this a total of five times so that you have five crystals in a row in front of you.

Look at crystal number one and read about it. Create a sentence that begins with "When my life is perfect, I am . . ." and fill in with the energy that the crystal represents. For example, if you have chosen a rose quartz as the number one stone, the meaning will be. "When my life is perfect, I am I am filled with love".

Continue writing down similar sentences for each crystal. Now you have five sentences starting with "When my life is perfect, I am . . .". Now you have to check that the whole of you is involved in what is most important. Take sentence number one and compare it to sentence number two. Which one wins? Take the sentence that won and compare it to sentence number three. Which one wins. Again take the one that won and compare with sentence number four. Then you do the same up to and including sentence number five.

Which sentence was most important of all? It's your intention, it's what matters most to your innermost being. Let the intention be like the sun in your life. You are a flower that turns to the sun and lets the energy give you strength and courage to take the next step and the next...

Now you can also use the crystal for healing, in a piece of jewelry that you carry with you or have at your workplace, e.g.

If you want help setting your intentions or have other questions about how to work with the crystals, you can book a crystal reading or a crystal healing with us. It works both online or in our Crystal Temple in Stockholm.

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