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Relationships, as we all know, are difficult, wonderful, absolutely necessary and also wonderful. Our close relationships can feel like the meaning of life and all relationships can give us the feeling that everything is absolutely perfect. Relationships are love, everything else and then some.
Which crystals are especially good for different types of relationships? Here are some tips.
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Rose quartz for the relationship with yourself.

Rose Quartz supports the vulnerable inner child and helps us take care of ourselves as if we were a loved newborn child. The rose quartz wants to bring out that tenderness and joy for ourselves and for all the life that is in our hearts. Keep a rose quartz in your pocket, put presence in your heart and stand up for love. Allow yourself to always have access to the vulnerability within you and share it with those you love.
"The heart's transformation is not attained through the mind—it's attained through surrender, authenticity, forgiveness, faith, honesty, acceptance, vulnerability, humility, willingness, nonjudgment, and other characterological values ​​that have to be learned and relearned continuously."
Marianne Williamson, The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife

Garnet, smoky quartz and agate to create attraction in your life

After all, all relationships begin with attraction of some kind. You can be attracted to a person for many different reasons. Right? Even if they are colleagues or distant relatives, those we keep in touch with are certainly those we find attractive to us.
Sometimes attraction can be scary - we are drawn to something even though we don't understand why. An energy rises from the depths of our interior and we become afraid. Smoky quartz wants to help you embrace and dare to look at what it is you are attracted to so that you can make your own choice. That power from your inner self is also your power, your primal power. Take advantage of the attraction and get to know yourself deeply. The unknown is not dangerous, just unknown.
Garnet is the crystal for attracting a love partner. We at the Crystal Room have certainly had to listen to stories like: "I put on my garnet necklace and guess who showed up? The man in my life..." Lovely!
Agate is for love magic and everyday management. If you are now going to bring a partner into your life, perhaps you also need to make sure that it is something that fits with your everyday life? Or do you just want a holiday adventure? Think about it and make a conscious decision based on love for yourself and all your needs.

Do this Tip! Place garnet, agate and smoky quartz in a bowl. Clean them with sage incense or put them in salt water for a day. When it's done, rinse the stones and pour your favorite massage oil over them so that you have enough oil to massage your entire body with it. Let the oil sit and "gather energy" from the stones for at least 24 hours.

Choose an occasion when you will do your "Attraction Ceremony". New moon or full moon are good occasions. Make sure you have at least an hour to yourself in the bathroom. Feel free to light incense and some candles and have soft lighting in the bathroom. Take a shower and then start slowly massaging the oil into the skin all over your body. Start with the feet and finish with the face and neck. Every little part should get attention and attractive energy. It's so lovely. Worship yourself! You are the goddess or god you always dreamed of being. Close your eyes and enjoy. You can have a chair in the bathroom and sometimes sit down and just enjoy being. Let it take time. If the oil hasn't penetrated your skin, you can shower before you're ready to face the world again. NOTE: no mobile, reply to text messages or the like during this time. Read more about crystals for attraction in your life here
"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
Anais Nin

When things go wrong and nothing goes as you want...

Surely it is the case that quite often things do not turn out as planned? Something or everything is wrong. Especially when there are many of you and expectations are high, it can become a problem. We have selected a black tourmaline, kunzite and amethyst to help you navigate confusion, problems, expectations and the need to face the truth.

Tourmaline is the crystal for protection. It supports you to be in touch with your roots, listen to your body's signals and be gentle with yourself. Don't take unnecessary risks, stand with both feet on the ground and listen deep into the earth and into your own body. Take it easy, your safety is the most important thing.

Amethyst t is the crystal for letting go. You can use the purple clear crystal as a stone in your pocket or bra, but you can also have a piece of jewelry that you carry with you all the time. The amethyst is the crystal that most people love, it is the most googled and is never wrong to give as a gift. It represents Let go, spirituality, contact with the whole, sensitivity to energies and messages get the spiritual aspect of life.

Kunzite is the crystal to lovingly see the truth in the white eye and adjust accordingly. Let the sword of truth be sharp, do not shy away from what you need to see. If you have to change a situation, do it wholeheartedly, from your heart, without excuses and stand up for the voice of your heart. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions. But it usually feels better afterwards. Don't compromise your love.

Love and Friendship

Love has many facets and friendship is an important aspect of love. Friendship love is as important and fragile as a couple relationship, parent-child love or self-love. How are you with your friends? Are you longing for more friends, new friends or to deepen and improve the friendships you have? You can always do a ceremony to develop the aspects of your friendships that you want and need.

We have chosen larim, morganite and rainbow moonstone to build friendships and find the right energies within yourself to create the relationships you want.

Do this:

Think about what friendship means to you and how you think others perceive you as a friend. Write down on a piece of paper three things that you want to change about the way you are with your friends and three things that you wish your friends would change in relation to you. Fold the note, cleanse your crystals with sage and cleanse the note as well. Place your crystals on the note and hold the note and crystals in your hand for five minutes as you look ahead and experience within you and in your body what your life with your friends is like when these things that you want to change are changed.

Keep the crystals and the note on your altar and go back and do the meditation a little now and then. Give yourself six months or a year to change your friendships for the better.

If you want to do something extra with your friends, you can always have fun with the questions here

🩵 Good luck 🩵

A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside ..”

– Teddy Phu

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