Crystal Box: The Crystal Oracle - let the stones tell you...!

790.00 SEK

The Crystal Oracle - let the stones tell you about energies, relationships and your journey...

It includes 22 stones with descriptive texts about each stone and a beautiful bag to store them in. You also get a descriptive brochure with explanations of how to use the Stone Oracle by yourself or together with others.

Use the Crystal Oracle as a board game or a personal friend. Let the stones tell you who you are or answer your questions.

* Information on how to use the Crystal Oracle
* 22 beautiful crystals of different kinds
* A book with color pictures with information about the symbolism of the crystals, energy and instructions for what you can do with them.
* A cloth bag to store the stones in.
* A bundle of sage to cleanse your stones, yourself and others with.

The stones can vary but are always 22 pieces. Text and image with the properties of the stones can be found in our fine crystal book which is included in the Crystal Oracle

Examples of different areas of use:

Right now in a group
This is a great way to open up a better connection and a more meaningful meeting in a group.

Love & relationships
This is a nice way to look at how the energies flow in a relationship. It can apply to an intimate love relationship as well as a work relationship or the relationship with a family member.

Just you and your rocks
Sometimes it can be nice to have someone to talk to who sees you, confirms how you feel, doesn't want to change you, doesn't reveal your secrets and doesn't offer too much good advice either. Then the Crystal Oracle is perfect - let the crystals guide you!


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