Pink for love and security

Pink stimulates security and the ability to receive. It reduces anxiety and insecurity.
Helps us to be vulnerable and present in a reality that we may try to put up defenses and blinders against. Rose quartz helps us hear what we don't want to hear
Pink is a color that since the 1920s has been associated with the feminine, previously red and thus pink was associated with the masculine and blue with the feminine. Among other things, Mary Magdalene is often depicted with a blue mantle. Often little girls choose rose quartz if they are free to choose a stone. Maybe it's social imprinting or does it have to do with a deeper intuitive understanding?

Unconditional love

Pink symbolizes what we call unconditional love - love that is completely disconnected from the ego's fears, demands, expectations and desire to rule and control. An example of unconditional love is what you feel in front of a newborn, unprotected and fragile life.
According to the color healing system Aura Soma, the color pink is associated with the hormone-producing glands that control sexual reproduction. That is, those that produce male and female sex hormones. Breasts, uterus, ovaries, testicles and prostate. These areas of our body are also the ones most prone to cancer in our time.
Pink has long been associated with sexuality and love. The Pride movement has both the diversity of the rainbow and the color pink in its symbols. In Nazi Germany, men accused of homosexuality were forced to wear a pink upside-down triangle. The red color is also associated with sexuality and love, but the pink contains more tenderness and sincerity.

Pink stones: Rose quartz, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, pink opal, morganite, pink calcite, pink chalcedony etc.

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