Freshwater pearl


Pearls are stars born from the depths of the ocean. It brings spiritual guidance, sincerity and truth to situations that need it. The pearl gives us hope that spiritual wounds can be healed into inner shimmering wisdom.

Both saltwater and freshwater pearls are usually cultured but also occur naturally. The pearl is created by a mussel which, when it has opened its shell to take in plankton and oxygenated water, also takes in a grain of sand. The clam produces mother of pearl around the shell to protect its soft body and the same material it now puts around the grain of sand to prevent it from chafing. The pearl is a fantastic example of problem solving and protection.

The freshwater pearl represents innocence and emotional healing. It is often worn as jewelry at weddings and can also be a gift to the bride before the wedding. From mother to daughter. The freshwater pearl teaches us that we can heal emotional wounds, we can protect ourselves from the effects of past mistakes, and we can carry this healing as something wonderfully beautiful within us.

The wisdom that everything is possible and the light lives within us is the freshwater pearl's message to us.

Zodiac signs: Cancer and Gemini

Chakras: All

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