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Tanzanite is a naturally heated blue variant of the mineral Zoisite. In deposits of zoisite and tanzanite, the tanzanite is found closer to the ground surface, which led researchers to believe that the zoisite was heated by forest fires and then acquired its bluish color. Tanzanite's energy stands for transformation, development from lower energies to higher ones. It is called "The stone of magic" for its ability to transform one emotional or mental state into another. It lifts the energy. It provides lightness, balance and harmony. It calms down. It is a stone for the third eye, intuition and ability to observe, to be in meditation. Do you have stress problems, are a workaholic or find it difficult to calm down and relax. Then tanzanite could be a stone for you.

Chakra: Third eye and throat chakra

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About Magic Stones, the crystal bookAbout Magic Stones, the crystal book

About Magic Stones, the crystal book

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