Be Yourself Intention Necklace

240.00 SEK
Be yourself - Amethyst, citrine, rose quartz

To be oneself, to feel deeply accepted both with one's problems, talents, shortcomings and skills is a human's birthright. You are who you are, we are all different and yet at the core, deep down, exactly the same. There is a beating heart...

Amethyst for you to feel guided by higher forces, trust life itself and see the bigger picture. Citrine for the joy, courage and confidence to follow your gut feeling and dare to shine with your true self. Rose Quartz to be in tune with your vulnerability, your humility and your caring heart. These three stones are close to your blessed being.

I am authentic, I am myself, I am true.

"I absolutely think it should be mainstream to be a feminist, it should be a no-brainer to speak up about stuff and have a voice."
- Zara Larsson


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