Rock crystal, raw tips

10.00 SEK

Rock crystal tips, natural raw tips

Rock crystal is said to be a link between the energy of the heavenly stars and our souls. The rock crystal's energy symbolizes harmony, balance and synchronicity. It is traditionally said to harmonize and link thoughts, feelings and consciousness with the existential force of the universe. It has been used for spiritual, scientific and healing purposes in many cultures around the world. It is said that the rock crystal can transform, amplify, focus and balance energy.

Chakras: All

The tips come from Brazil.

Available in the following sizes:
Mini: approx. 4-10 gr, approx. 2-4 cm.
Small: approx. 10-20 gr, approx. 3-4 cm.
Medium: approx. 21-40 gr, approx. 4-6 cm.
Between: approx. 41-60 gr, approx. 5-7 cm.
Large: approx. 61-120 gr, approx. 6-9 cm.
Extra large: approx. 121-200 gr, approx. 7-10 cm.
Extra extra large: approx. 200-300 gr, approx. 9-11 cm.
Extra, extra, extra large approx. 300-500 g, approx. 12-15 cm

Please note that each tip is unique and may differ slightly from those pictured!


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