Shungite with pyrite

600.00 SEK

That minerals and stones are unique gifts from nature is old. This is a really exclusive and special stone, shungite with pyrite! Shungite is a carbon-based and ancient mineral said to be from the beginning. On top of the shungite, gold glittering pyrite has formed over millions of years.

Available in sizes:
Mini: approx. 8-19 grams
Small: approx. 20-49 grams
Between: about 50-99 grams
Large: approx. 100-149 grams
XL: approx. 150-199 grams
XL1: approx. 200-299 grams
XL2: approx. 300-399 grams
XL3: about 400-499 grams
XL4: approx. 500-599 grams


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