Joy intention bracelet with gold beads

420.00 SEK

Joy bracelet with carnelian, yellow calcite and prehnite.

For the experience of the inner spring, the laughter and the power that bubbles out of you and out of life itself. In your belly is a joy without cause, a source of laughter and of life. Put your hands there and remind yourself. It is not dangerous to pull on the smiley lines. Let joy without reason have a place in your life. What you water grows.

Beads of carnelian for the connection with your true self, your gut feeling and your life energy. Yellow calcite because you have angels around you that pour light into your aura. Prehnit because your mind is like bubbling champagne, a peaceful feeling of being in the right place in life and loving it!

A true joy for nothing and for everything lives within me.

"Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are."
- Marianne Williamson

Manufacturing and design of the Crystal Room


Armbandet är ca 18 cm i omkrets och består av 26-29 st 6mm pärlor av äkta kristaller och stenar samt detaljer av silver eller guldpläterat silver. Stenpärlorna kan variera hur de ser ut jämfört med bilden, ibland förekommer det även fasettslipade pärlor. Armbandet är designat och producerat av Kristallrummet. Du har 6 månaders garanti på tillverkningsfel. 

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