Healing intention bracelet silver

336.00 SEK 420.00 SEK

Bracelet with moss sawn, wooden stove and unakit

For the experience of feeling whole and in balance with the whole. You are in exactly the right place in your life, feel the power of growth within you and that every cell is reaching towards your life-giving inner sun to find more nourishment and bloom.

Beads of moss sawn, wooden stove and unakite, silver and the Kristallrummet's silver logo on durable elastic thread.
Mossagat for the healing power of nature and the relaxing and presence-inducing ability of the green wavelength. Unakit to initiate the heart and to care for ourselves deep into the heart. Wooden stove because everything grows and develops, the power of life is unstoppable.

I am whole and in balance with all the forces of life.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. "
- Rumi

Manufacturing and design of the Crystal Room


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