Honey calcite cube free form

700.00 SEK

Calcite honey ground into a rectangular cube

A calcite worthy of its name honey calcite with a lovely yellow-brown honey color. Many pieces with calcite's typical rainbow shimmer with a slight transparency. Solid ground cubic shapes in different sizes and weights. Honey calcite is said to be an energizing and healing crystal. Honey calcite can comfort, it gives you warmth and sweetness when you feel sore and tired. Size between 5 x 2 and 7 x 3 cm depending on the variant.

Available in different sizes:
Between: approx. 80-99 g - end
Large: approx. 100-199 g
Extra large: approx. 200-299 g
Extra XL large: approx. 300-399 g
Extra XL1 large: approx. 400-499 g


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