Magic Intention Bag

220.00 SEK

Intention Bag Magic

Black obsidian, smoky quartz, tourmaline & garnet

Magic is consciously co-creating with the forces of the universe. It requires your presence, your listening, your intelligence and your intuition. You have energy, abilities and superpowers hidden within you that you don't even realize. Meditation, mindfulness and personal development help you ground yourself, connect with your magic and dance with life.

Obsidian to release fear of your inner power. Smoky quartz for relaxation and affirmation of the earth's energy. Black tourmaline for healing what comes up and red garnet for never giving up the search for more.

Affirmation : I am having fun, witnessing and playing with the magical power of the universe

"Let the Fairies of the Universe figure out the details. Let them surprise and delight you.”

— Abraham-Hicks


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