Virgo astro stones gift box

170.00 SEK

VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Virgo is a sensitive, kind and selfless person who is best at structuring, organizing and planning. Virgo's down-to-earth concern for details is pure love and is done with no thought of getting anything in return. Virgo nurtures because she loves to see a proper development
from a stable foundation. Credibility, truth and reliability are strong words for a Virgo. What is really the big challenge for Virgo is to step out of their own comfort and open their heart. Virgo needs the magic and courage that the crystals can give to step out into life, embrace and experience the miracle of love. Virgo loves nature and needs the support of the green to be in touch with their heart. In nature and in her garden, Virgo can relax and feel her big heart and love for life. Inner peace, stillness and being truthful are important to a Virgo who likes to seek stillness
in the green vegetation that comforts when Virgo's sensibilities are hurt. The crystals that enhance Virgo's positive qualities are moss agate, rose quartz and red jasper.

The stars gave you unique powers and abilities. Live them!


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