Lapis lazuli unique standing piece XXL Afghanistan

16,400.00 SEK

Lapis lazuli extra large intense blue piece from Afghanistan

A unique piece of AAA grade blue lapis lazuli splendour, with gold flecks of pyrite that stand out clearly. The color is intense azure with an attractive hand-cut shape that can stand firmly upright. Only one copy. From Afghanistan.

It is said that lapis lazuli has existed since the beginning of time, that it helps us find esoteric and mystical knowledge and that it also enhances our wisdom so that we can understand this knowledge. Lapis lazuli strengthens inner vision, meditation and a deep understanding of man. The name has migrated via Latin from the Arabic word for sky which is "azul". The most beautiful lapis lazuli comes from Afghanistan.

Weights and Measures:
w: 12 x h: 21 cm
weight: 3.3 kg


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