Letting Go, intention necklace gold plated

240.00 SEK

Intention necklace for the intention "letting go" with amethyst, obsidian & labradorite

Let go of what you don't need. Don't carry the past with you, face life here and now. Become aware of your patterns, your habits and your thoughts. Take power and live free from your own limitations!

Beads of amethyst, obsidian, labradorite. Amethyst for letting go, being here and now and trusting the whole, obsidian for not getting stuck in fear but facing it and labradorite for trusting the light within.

Affirmation :

In trust and confidence, I let go of what I think I know and what I don't need.

“Everybody's got a past. The past does not equal the future unless you live there.”

-Tony Robbins

Manufacturing and design of the Crystal Room.


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