Compassion, intention necklace gold plated

240.00 SEK

Intention necklace for the intention of compassion with moonstone, mother of pearl and rose quartz

Empathy and feeling with each other is the very foundation of human community For the experience of listening to and feeling with everything that lives. We are all one. With the help of your empathy, you can understand people on a deeper, wordless level, you can feel with all life in nature and communicate with the help of your emotions.

Beads of moonstone, mother of pearl and rose quartz. Moonstone for receptivity, mother of pearl for the contact with all living things and rose quartz for the original self-evident love for everything.

Affirmation :
I listen to the deepest message of life within each one here on earth.

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”
― Gautama Buddha

Manufacturing and design of the Crystal Room


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