Close to your angels

705.00 SEK

Gift kit worth SEK 705

Close to Your Angels

We have chosen these crystals, stones and natural incense because we feel they can help you invite and strengthen your closeness with the angels that surround you every day…
Use them in meditation to better hear your spirit guides. You can have the crystals and stones on your little altar to transform fear into calm, anger into love and help amplify the angelic energies in your life.
Do a small ceremony that gives you the calm, safe energy of the angels. Light the palo santo, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Let go of everything around you and direct your inner eye upwards. Feel that peace is there within you and that you are protected.

Celestite cluster AA grade,
Labradorite bracelet tumbled bracelet on elastic thread
Palo Santo Small needle approx. 5 cm
Lepidolite from China
Amethyst tip raw natural small
Angelite from Peru
Rock crystal aurora borealis ball small
Selenite, raw mineral small
About Magic Stones book with color pictures
Small egg holder in white metal


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