No Worry, different types of stone

85.00 SEK

Focus stone, No Worry stone or anti-stress stone

Dear child has many names. This flat disc has a hollow in the middle which is nice to rub your thumb over. The stone is good to use when we are worried and need to relax or collect our thoughts.

Small: 25-35 mm. for SEK 90

Large stone approx. 30-50 mm. for SEK 110

Available in many different stone types: Dark green moss agate, red and purple gold flux, image jasper, red/pink brecci jasper, pink rose quartz, pink/red rhodonite, purple lepidolite, black onyx, white selenite, jasper hematite, tiger iron, blue sodalite, green/red unakite, zebra jasper, black obsidian, white and turquoise howlite and other stones and crystals. See below.


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