Crystal penis 12-15 cm

720.00 SEK 1,200.00 SEK
Stone variety:

Crystal penis in rose quartz or rock crystal

We have finally received our popular crystal penises! Choose between a crystal penis in rose quartz or rock crystal.

When the energy of the crystal penis is combined with your own sexual energy, you can count on your chakras to crackle to life, your heart to open and your body to become more sensitive to subtle sexual energy. Create a unique altar or a beautiful bookend, the possibilities are endless! Please note that each specimen is unique and a natural product that may have visible inclusions/cracks that are common in crystals. Intended as decoration only.

Manifest love/desire in all its forms with rose quartz and rock crystal!

Dimensions: Varying length and thickness
Between: approx. 11-12 cm long. about 3 cm
Large: approx. 12-15 cm long. about 3-4 cm wide.
Extra large: 15-17 cm long. 3-5cm wide.


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