Rose quartz, ground point with sawn bottom

150.00 SEK

Rose quartz with ground tip and raw sides

This rose quartz highlights the raw appearance of the crystal but also cut to a point on the upper part of the crystal. The bottom is ground flat so that the tip can stand up. The rose quartz is light pink with delicious lighter color variations. The color intensity varies just as it does with rose quartz which is often very mild in tone, sometimes almost white. The natural inclusions that look like cracks are completely normal occurrences in rose quartz and thus no sign that the crystal is defective. As this is a natural material, each tip is unique and comes in several different shapes and sizes!

Sizes: Right now we only have size Small in stock, base approx. 3-5 cm and height approx. 4-5 cm.

The weight varies between 65-150g depending on the shape


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