Sleep well, Intention bracelet silver

420.00 SEK

The intention bracelet slept well with the crystals amethyst, aventurine and hematite. Silver pearls and the Crystal Room's silver logo.

Imagine a calm and pleasant existence. Experience the feeling of complete peace of mind. Dare to let go of thoughts such as worry and stress, consciously or unconsciously. Feel how you relax. Breathe. Let yourself be embraced by all the stars of the night. You are safe.
Amethyst to let go, to surrender to the experience of this moment and let thoughts and feelings slowly settle. Aventurine for balance, contact with the heart and for the self-healing qualities of sleep. Hematite for grounding and feeling the earth's gravitational force which gives peace of mind.

Affirmation: I am one with the universe, I trust and welcome sleep.

"Sleep is the best meditation" - Dalai Lama


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