Patience Intention Bracelet

420.00 SEK

Bracelet with agate, amethyst and aventurine for the intention of patience and endurance

For the experience of patience. To be able to wait awake, stay in your feeling and in your intuition. Rest in presence and trust. The grass grows by itself. You can't push the flow of the river. Everything has its time.

Beads of black agate, aventurine, amethyst, silver and the Crystal Room's silver logo on durable elastic thread. Amethyst to see the big picture and let go of what is no longer needed, agate for inner peace and aventurine to find the peace and harmony of your heart.

I am patient and can wait and persevere to achieve what is best for me.

"In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Manufacturing and design of the Crystal Room.


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