590.00 SEK

A bracelet for trust

This bracelet is handmade by mothers at the Light of Hope Foundation in Bali. Having a job gives them and their children a life off the streets.
Wear this bracelet to remind yourself that you can trust life. You are always taken care of and carried by life itself. Trusting life takes practice…and the more you allow yourself to feel that warm feeling of security. You know that everything is happening for you, you can trust it. it happens for your development and for you. The more flow comes into our lives and our experience.

The bracelet is sold sitting on a gift card stuffed in a beautiful handmade cotton bag with an inspiring text.
• Materials: 925 Certified Recycled Sterling Silver and a nylon strap
• Size adjustable
• Ethical production under healthy and good conditions
• Part of the profit goes back to Street Children in Bali

This bracelet changes the world a little because it:
• funds tuition for underprivileged children in Bali to get an education.
• is made from sustainable and recycled materials.
• provides employment for mothers of street children in Bali.
• carries powerful healing vibrations as each piece of jewelry is blessed


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