Express Your Truth Intention Bag

110.00 SEK

Intention Bag Express your truth

Aquamarine - red jasper - rock crystal

Your body knows, it has all the answers. When you start to let it speak in free dance, sound, speaking in tongues, gibberish or via kinesiology for example, you get in touch with the knowledge and wisdom that lives within you. Your mind doesn't have to understand everything you can let your body speak and the understanding will come later. Each person is a universe and mystery of their own.

Aquamarine to express what is within us, red jasper for the contact with the body and Lemurian bercrystal for the flow within us and the closeness to our inner mystery.

Affirmation : I allow my truth to live and be expressed.

"The Body is you basic truth, so never be against the Body. Whenever you are against the Body, you are going against God. Whenever you are disrespectful to you Body you are losing contact with reality, because your Body is your contact, your bridge. Your Body is your Temple"

- OSHO Tantric Transformation


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