Aquarius astro stones gift box

170.00 SEK

AQUARIUS 20 January – 18 February
Aquarius is forward-thinking, generous, objective, dedicated, progressive, humanist, intellectual, headstrong, sympathetic, sensitive, impartial and unpredictable. Freedom and justice are two important things for the air sign Aquarius, who likes to go his own way and stand up for his
opinions. Aquarius is both secretive and innovative. To reach their full potential, there are crystals that boost Aquarius' best qualities. Amethyst enhances spirituality, Aquamarine truth and Labradorite says “Trust your abilities, you are a miracle.” Aquarius is an air sign and is ruled by the planet Uranus. The crystals that enhance the positive qualities of Aquarius are amethyst, labradorite and aquamarine.

The stars gave you unique powers and abilities. Live them!


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