110.00 SEK

Vision - see yourself in the future

Lapis lazuli - kyanite - rock crystal

Vision means to see, to see oneself in the future. Who are you - in a month. in a year, in ten years? What you invite today is your reality tomorrow. Let the crystals and stones amplify what you want but start by telling yourself: This is my vision, this is what I want. This person will be me in a year. Find your true vision deep within. It should shine like a sun within you and awaken your desire and joy. Lapis Lazuli to awaken the awareness within you of who you are. Kyanite to see further and both listen and see what the divine wants with you. Rock crystal for clarity and to enhance the process and energize all parts of you. The whole you goes into the future. Right now.

Affirmation : I see myself and that I (here you fill in your vision, what you want and how you embody it.)

If you keep a clear vision for your future, it will pull you like a magnet through your toughest times.” Tony Robbins


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