White cleans and heals

White is the color of life and light that heals, liberates and purifies. White is associated with clarity, truth and honesty.
When the sun, or other full spectrum light, passes through a rock crystal, a rainbow is created. The rock crystal divides the light into its components, i.e. the entire color spectrum of the rainbow!
You can use the white light to cleanse yourself, create clarity and raise your energy level. White light stimulates and awakens. Just think when the snow falls and the dark winter suddenly brightens. What a relief, what a blessing!

Neutrality and rest

White and transparent can arouse emotions and if you have difficulty getting in touch with your emotions, it can arouse stress within you.
Because white is neutral, contains all colors, you can choose it when you do not know what color, what kind of energy wants to be expressed through you at this moment. If so, that choice may mean that you feel fear for what is inside you and wants to be shared with life - people, animals, nature. Then meditate on it and feel how the energy wants to dance with you.
You might also choose white because you need to rest. Rest in trust in life.
In many Asian countries, white is associated with death. In Bali, the color of burial is white. People dress in white, dance, celebrate and help the dead leave the earthly life by laughing and experiencing joy. In this way, the dead person does not have to worry that those left on earth will miss it and want to keep it. The risk of ghosts and evil spirits will then be less.

White crystals: Rock crystal, lemurian, white calcite, selenite, mother of pearl, rainbow moonstone, white agate, white opal, etc.

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