Chakra Balance Rudraksha Mala

890.00 SEK

Chakra Balance mala necklace

This "Chakra Balance mala necklace" is made of 80 rudraksha beads and 28 matching gemstones of the same bead size. The focus behind this mala is the connection between all the chakras. All 7 chakras are represented 4 times through: red aventurine, carnelian, serpentine, green aventurine, agate, amethyst and rock crystal.

Hindus discovered the power of the sacred Rudraksha beads thousands of years ago and are considered sacred in many cultures. These pearls give its wearer peace, clarity and a direction, in this way they make room for positive thoughts and good energy. The small Rudraksha beads are the rarest and possess the strongest energy.

The clear, white light
is the source of all colors.
Colors give soul to our existence.

The chakra, a mystery
of breathtaking beauty,
and inside the heart
of their eternal circular motions,
then the rainbow appears as a witness.

The number of beads in this hand-knotted mala: 108 pcs
Length: approx. 47 cm.
Size of rudraksha beads: 5 mm.


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