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Jewelry with the sacred rudraksha seed is personal , special and has a powerful energy

These necklaces and bracelets are made from natural products , sustainable harvested and fair trade produced on Bali in Indonesia . The foundation is the sacred Rudraksha the seed that has been used for thousands of years of Hindus and Buddhists . They are one symbol that carries an energy of compassion, balance , peace and consciousness .

Fairtrade jewellery

Part of the your purchase of ours Rudraksha jewelry supports The foundation Bumi Sehat , one birth -and health center on Bali . The center offers free maternity care , childbirth and medical help to Indonesian families who need extra assistance . Founder Robin Glue is the winner of 2011 CNN Hero of the Year , for hers enormous contribution to a healthy one pregnancy and childbirth for thousands of poor Indonesian women . Mala Spirit is a fair trade company that also donates part of its profits to the Make-A-Wish foundation in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The jewelry is made of cotton thread or elastic thread as well as natural materials and is a delicate craft that is affected by wear.

The Crystal Room is an importer of Mala Spirit and Aum Rudraksha necklaces and bracelets. If you find a design on Mala Spirit's website that you like, we can take it home. The Crystal Room has the exclusive rights to distribute Mala Spirit's rudraksha Malas in the Nordics.

WARRANTY: 4 month warranty on production defects, customer must have receipt.

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