Mala Spirit Rudraksha

Rudraksha, the mala of meditation

320.00 SEK

Meditation Mala

The " meditation Mala " is a perfect mala for counting mantras during your meditation. 108 hand knotted rudraksha of 10 mm each and a guru bead at the " end " , above a red tassel . The red tassel has, instead of the red thread, a little golden cotton thread wrapped around the tassel. This is not visible in the picture, but gives the pattern a slightly nicer appearance.

Number of balls : 108 , hand knotted
Hanging length : approx. 64 cm
Rudraksha Size : 10 mm

Each mala is hand knotted with knots between each bead.

Rudraksha : Give the wearer peace , clarity and direction . Protects against negative forces and thoughts . The Rudraksha gem is highly spiritual in many cultures. The pearl which is a seed has been named " Tears of Shiva " . The small rudraksha gem is the rarest and has the strongest energy . It grows especially well in Indonesia.


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