Mala Spirit Rudraksha

Smoky Quartz, Rudraksha, Grounding Mala

860.00 SEK

Smoky Quartz, Rudraksha, Grounding Mala

This "Grounding mala" is made of rudraksha beads, combined with smoky quartz, onyx and a smoky quartz pendant.

Hindus discovered the power of the sacred Rudraksha beads thousands of years ago and are considered sacred in many cultures. These pearls give its wearer peace, clarity and a direction, in this way they make room for positive thoughts and good energy. The small Rudraksha beads are the rarest and possess the strongest energy.

Smoky quartz
Together with the smoke, she took the step
and plunged into the familiar world
with its wild energy.
The place where everything was possible.

Here, where she always felt at home
and could be free under the stars.

Until she met the smoky quartz.
It guided her to another star,
her own star,
the star inside the planet earth.

A merger of two worlds.
Her wild energy, integrated with the body.
And her way here on earth,
where everything seemed possible.

To support this Smoky Quartz Mala, onyx has been added to connect you with the earth, with an open mind and a wider spectrum.

The number of beads in this hand-knotted mala: 108 pcs.
Length: approx. 46 cm.
Size of rudraksha beads: 7 mm.


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