Mala Spirit Rudraksha

Mala, the mala of mysticism with lapis lazuli

1,075.00 SEK

Mala of mysticism with lapis lazuli, from Mala spirit

This "Mala of Mysticism" is made of unique sacred rudraksha seed beads, combined with Lapis Lazuli beads. As an accent above the tassel we use a large rudraksha

Number of beads: 108, hand knotted

Hanging length: approx. 48 cm from the neck, approx. 82 cm all around.

Rudraksha Size: 7 mm

Rudraksha: Rudraksha is said to bring peace, simplicity and focus to the wearer. Relaxation for the body and protection against negative forces and thoughts. Rudraksha seeds are sacred in many cultures around the world. The name means Shiva's tears and is a symbol of Shiva's compassion for the suffering of humanity. The smaller the Rudraksha beads, the rarer they are and the stronger their energy.

Lapis Lazuli is a spiritual stone. It increases spiritual strength, provides astral travel, wisdom and offers inner peace. This mineral makes us honest, sincere and helps us find inner truth and accept it. It helps to be yourself and to go your own way.

This unique piece of jewelry is lovingly handcrafted by Aum Rudraksha designers in Bali. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The wearer is solely responsible for the results. The material in this jewelry is sustainably harvested, fair trade and the jewelry is ethically produced.


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