Angels and Archangels

Have you experienced when an angel passes through the room and a warm peacefulness and stillness spreads among all present?

Or have you seen a white feather single down just when you were about to make a difficult decision and needed confirmation that you were on the right path?
How have you experienced the presence and protection of angels in your life?
Angels, archangels and guardian angels are beings entirely in and of light. They consist of pure energy that vibrates at a very high frequency. The angels are powerful, wise and loving messengers who can help us in all areas of life. They protect us, guide us and inspire us to action.

According to ancient texts, there are 92 Archangels. Archangels help and guide the other angels and are messengers between the divine and humans. Read about the archangels and their crystals below.


Their love is unimaginably great. Learning to listen and open your heart to the angels is like facing life, and it gives security and certainty to know that they are always by our side. The archangels can be with several different people and be in different places at the same time.

Archangels and their gems

Below are 15 of the most famous archangels and their crystals. Which angel do you turn to? Which energies feel important to you? You can use the crystal when you want to call on a certain angel. The angels like you to speak loudly and say what you want. Tell the angel you choose what you need as clearly and concretely as you can.

Archangel ARIEL

The name means God's lion or God's lioness. If you want to feel close to Ariel, you can wear a rose quartz .

Archangel AZRAEL

The name means helper of God. He meets and helps people in their transition to the spirit world. Color: vanilla, light yellow and if you want to feel close to Azrael, wear a yellow calcite comb.

Archangel CHAMUEL

The name means He Who Sees God. He is characterized by light green and if you want to feel close to Chamuel, you can wear a green fluorite

Archangel GABRIEL

The name means God is my strength. To harmonize with Gabriel's energy, one can wear a citrine

Archangel HANIEL

The name means the bliss of God. Color Bluish white. Harmonizes with moonstone and rainbow moonstone

Archangel JEREMIEL

The name means God's grace. Often characterized by Dark violet, purple amethyst .

Archangel JOSEPHIE

The name means beauty of God. Often characterized by a pink aura and if you want to feel close to Jophiel, you can wear deep pink rubellite (pink tourmaline) or rhodonite.

Archangel METATRON

The name means angel of presence. Metatron harmonizes with the gemstone Watermelon Tourmaline

Archangel MIKAEL

The name means He who is God. Usually characterized by a blue/purple aura and to feel close to Archangel Michael, one can wear a sugilite.

Archangel RAGUEL

The name means friend of God. If you want to feel Raguel's presence, you can wear an aquamarine

Archangel RAFAEL

The name means God heals. If you want to feel Raphael's healing presence, you can wear dark green gemstones such as emerald or malachite .

Archangel RAZIEL

The name means God's secret and harmonizes with a rock crystal .


The name means brother because he is Metatron's twin. Most often characterized by a turquoise blue or sea blue aura. Wear a turquoise or larimar .

Archangel URIEL

The name means God is light and is characterized by a Light Yellow aura. Feel free to carry an amber for contact with Uriel.

Archangel ZADKIEL

The name means the righteousness of God. Harmonizes with Indigo blue. Feel free to wear a lapis lazuli .

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