Program your crystal


Here's what you need: A rock crystal, sage incense, salt and water, a candle, matches and music that matches what you want to program the crystal with, a timer on your mobile or similar, and a notepad and pen.

Choose a rock crystal that you really like. You can use any shape. It needs to be so big that you can easily hold it in your hand and feel it even when you close your eyes. It should also be easy to focus on it with open eyes.

Prepare the programming by deciding what you want to program the crystal with. It can be just about anything, but it is best if it is something that is important to your heart and that you really feel for. You can program it to support you in a challenge, remove stage fright, become more present, have better finances, better relationships or whatever you want. The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it is to program the crystal. We have done an example of programming a crystal with gratitude and light. Write down what you want to program the crystal with in your notebook.

Continue the ritual of purifying the crystal by placing it in salt water for 24 hours. Feel free to let it lie in a window and recharge with sun and moonlight.

Now you can start the actual programming. It takes about half an hour, so make sure you have undisturbed time.

Put on the music that you have chosen because it gives you the right vibe for your purpose. Light the candle and sit comfortably so that you can comfortably hold the crystal in your hands. First, sit for a little while and just collect yourself, set the timer for 5 minutes and close your eyes. Just let your thoughts go through your head, feel your body and listen to your breathing. Maybe some feeling emerges and in that case it's perfectly OK. Feel it as much as you can and then release the focus on it to feel more of the body here and now.

When the timer rings, light the sage incense and give yourself and the crystal a cleansing incense bath. Pass the smoke around yourself and around the crystal. As you do so, it is helpful to visualize negativity and heavy energy leaving both you and the crystal with the smoke curling and disappearing into thin air.

Open your notepad and write down everything you can think of that is good with what you want. See yourself when you have achieved or embrace, feel, live what you want to program your crystal for.

If you had chosen gratitude, write down a list of everything you are grateful for. Feel how gratitude fills you and your aura. Feel how the experience of gratitude is connected with the experience of light and peace. Step into that feeling. Every time the mind wants to say something else, you catch yourself (as if the light is playing tricks on you and you need to catch it again and again). Practice holding these bright feelings in your mind. For example, if you want to meet your soul mate, you write down how it should feel, what it would mean for you and what qualities and experiences it would contribute to your life. The clearer and fuller feeling you can convey, the better.

Set a timer or an alarm clock for 15 minutes. Close your eyes, feel the crystal against your skin, hand and fingers. Make contact with the crystal.

Now go back to the feeling you developed when you wrote in your notepad. Maybe it's the feeling of gratitude and light or how it feels when you've met your soulmate, or what you want to happen in your life. Now you let that feeling flow into the crystal. Fill the crystal with this vibration. After a while, you may notice that the crystal begins to "give back" this feeling to you. You and the crystal become like a unit that vibrates the energy that you want to experience. Stay in this mutual exchange until your alarm goes off.

Put the crystal down in a special place and leave it there, perhaps in a pretty bag for protection. Now you have created a "Light and Gratitude medicine", or a medicine for what you want and need.

Meditate with the crystal as often as you can. Hold it in your hands and connect with the feeling. Remember the presence behind everything you wrote. Allow yourself to bathe in the crystal returning this energy to you. You can use it and relax for one minute in the morning and one minute in the evening. Sometimes you will feel that it is so pleasant to rest in the energy of the crystal that you want to stay a little longer. Do it then! 

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